Software development:

JMI is a full-service technology firm specializing in the delivery of consulting and information technology (IT) services. Our consulting services include, but are not limited to, client server technologies, object oriented analysis, design and development, software re-engineering, information engineering, object and relational databases development and maintenance, data modeling, graphical user interface design, internet applications, and lately mobile applications.

We apply technology that works best for our clients, their environments, and their time frame. It is our mission to provide total solutions to our clients' complex business problems through innovative application of technology.

JMI prides itself on its reputation for high-quality, on-time service and anticipates explosive future growth. We are currently expanding our client base to encompass a nationwide clientele.

Our clients like us since we provide

  • Fastest Time to market.
  • Huge reduction in overall development costs.
  • Lifetime Code Guarantee.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Skills both broad and deep.
  • Designing and Development under one roof.