Our credo has won for JMI the continued clientele of customers who value the team's deep technical knowledge, cost propositions, professionalism and senior level resources. Behind this blue-chip roster of prestigious clients, is JMI's track record of forging long-term, deep relationships with them, across repeat business orders and multiple services.

The essence of JMI is "We operate with very high level of Ethical Standards. We work the complete spectrum of technology with old school value system; where relationship is the essence and integrity are non-negotiable. Our principles of operation are very simple and forthcoming. We worship transparency. By choice, our process is old fashioned."

One of our favorite compliments in these years "A vast majority of the 'Technical Recruiters' at other placement firms are fundamentally non-technical, ranging from little to no recruiting experience. All they do is rush resumes - no matter what. Whereas, JM Information Systems has truly technical and seasoned recruiters. They care to always connect, talk turkey, comprehend the role, go after genuine profiles and come back with incredible resources. If you are serious about your projects and the quality of your team, go to them".